Tube Jig

Tube Jig

Tube Jigs – This product was designed for the bass fisherman. These jigs feature an unpainted head that is shaped to be rigged completely inside a tube bait. The head has a 5mm rattler mated alongside the hook. The positioning of the rattle turns the hook into a “tuning fork”. This magnifies the noise and vibration of the rattle, making it the loudest rattling jig on the market underwater, where it counts! !

These jigs are sold 3 per pack and are available in 1/16 ozand 1/8 oz in 3/0 hooks and 3/16 oz and ¼ oz in 4/0 hooks.

Species that these are typically used on is Bass, but our Tournament Redfish anglers love them for fishing for Redfish as well.

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